Women are colder than men

Why do women perceive temperature differently than men?

Surely you have experienced daily arguments in the workplace about opening and closing windows in a room where both sexes work. In short, women perceive temperatures differently from men, and there are several explanations why men and women feel comfortable at different temperatures.

At what temperature do women and men feel comfortable?

A study conducted by two Dutch scientists offered an answer to a question that many employees and employers are still looking for an answer to. Why, in summer temperatures, when men vehemently turn on air conditioning units, do women immediately reach for a sweater? According to the study, women feel the cold faster and are more sensitive to it. This is also because the thermal sensors found in the skin are more sensitive to the female body. A sample conducted by the researchers suggests that women are well at 25°C and men at 24°C.

Association with metabolic rate and body weight

The result is also related to the speed of female and male metabolism. It is responsible for the production of energy, including heat. On average, women have a lower metabolic rate than men. An important factor is body weight. Because men have a higher proportion of body mass than women, the male body is more easily able to generate heat, making men less sensitive to colder air than the opposite sex. In the summer months, men have a lower tolerance to hot weather, since their body produces more, metabolism heats up and accelerates.

When he signs up for the word air conditioning

Since air conditioning units are already the standard in most jobs and buildings, the problem is again how to set the air conditioner so that the air temperature suits everyone. In the article, we described that we are unlikely to reach the temperature suitable for everyone very easily. For some, the air conditioning will blow less, on the other more, and the cycle continues. In Geocore, customers with a similar problem are usually advised to use a system of comfortable end elements – so-called heating-cooling ceiling structures. This system does not heat the air but radiates to objects and persons in the room, and unlike standard air conditioning, it does not work with unpleasant air blowing, which reduces comfort and can cause health problems.

Heating-cooling ceiling construction technology

The surface temperature of the ceiling is 18°C, which is an acceptable temperature difference for the body due to the desired room temperature of 26°C (when cooling). For radiant ceilings, this parameter is best compared to other cooling systems, which is why this system is most comfortable. The economic advantage is also that the end element serves both heating and cooling. Other pluses are predictive regulation, which saves time and money in the transition period, i.e. spring and autumn, and last but not least, the possibility of individual regulation using your smartphone. You can read more about the system here.

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