Marketing and PR Specialist

About us

My name is Zdeněk Matějovský, and I am the owner of GeoCore, a company that has been bringing green technological innovations in the field of technical building management since 2008.

Our vision is to ensure the sustainable operation of family homes, offices and industrial buildings through cutting-edge technology so that they consume as little energy as possible, create a safe indoor environment and are comfortable at the same time. In short, they are good places to live and work.

We are currently looking for an agile, creative partner for the position of:

Marketing and PR Specialist

What will your job entail?

  • social networking, website and youtube channel management, domain management
  • e-shop management, mainly creating product descriptions, uploading photos...-all translated into "human language"
  • communication with suppliers regarding information on new products
  • marketing support for the sales department
  • communication with sales portals for reviews
  • writing articles; supporting PR activities

The result of the work will be:

  • Stably high demand for our services
  • we are publicly known - as a reliable supplier and as a super employer

What do we expect from you?

  • that you simply cannot be and live without Czech and lyrics
  • interest in the field of energy saving - and creation in this field
  • that the computer is not just a tool for you to work with, but a friend - knowledge of Canva, Mailchimp, WordPress is an advantage
  • knowledge of computer work, not only MS Office, but also social networks or working with websites
  • you can at least communicate in English by e-mail
  • you'll be happy to learn the rest, because we know from experience that if you want to, anything goes
  • demonstrable results in your activities so far

What can I promise you in return?

  • Leadership that is open to innovation and creativity - you will be my right hand man
  • independent, family-oriented and creative work - you organize everything yourself, together we just agree on the direction
  • energy is a hot topic across the board - you'll never be short of work
  • it's not just about saving energy - it's about increasing the comfort of our clients in general, which they never dreamed of
  • I will support you in your further professional growth - we don't skimp on smart people
  • I am able to meet your individual requirements in case of great results.
  • we will reward you fairly for your performance in the position

Starting time: as soon as possible by agreement

My team is small, we have a nice relationship with each other. We can help and support each other. Do you want to be a part of that? Then send us your CV. I look forward to it! Zdeněk([email protected]).