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Photovoltaics and heat pump? A combination that gives you up to 75% independence

Photovoltaics and heat pump? A combination that gives you up to 75% independence

Do you deal with high energy bills every year and think about a solution that could solve these problems in the long run? Perhaps a combination of photovoltaics and a heat pump may be the right solution for you. This combination can reduce your heating, cooling and water heating costs by up to 75% Combining your own electricity production and heat pump heating is one of the most efficient solutions, whether from an economic or environmental point of view.

How electricity generation works

The combination of photovoltaics and heat pumps is one of the frequently used ecological energy sources, the main advantage of which is the almost independent production of hot utility and heating or cooling water at low operating costs. Only the minimum power consumption for the compressor or pump is required for the operation of the heat pump. A photovoltaic cell that uses the so-called photoelectric phenomenon to generate electricity is a suitable choice for its delivery. These cells are made up of semiconductor plates (mostly made of quarry) and when sunlight on the semiconductor plate is impacted, an electric current is generated thanks to the photoelectric phenomenon. This current can then be used to power household electrical appliances – e.g. a heat pump.

Power storage options

The storage of energy from photovoltaics can be regulated thanks to the E-Manager system, which is an element of the Smart Grid, i.e. a smart network that uses digital communication technology. It detects excess electricity generated from photovoltaic panels and then regulates the heat pump to the optimal balance between consumption and production. At the same time, it is able to use excess energy by switching on some appliances, e.g. washing machine, dishwasher or dryer. When the power production from photovoltaic panels decreases, the E-Manager returns the heat pump to its standard operation. It also allows you to set a timetable for consumption depending on peak electricity prices, and at the same time depending on the season. The heat pump will produce more heat energy at a time when electricity is cheaper and thus saves our finances.

E-Manager vs E-System

The E-System again uses digital communication technology, but in addition it extends the E-Manager with an inverter and built-in storage batteries. With an excess of electricity from photovoltaic panels, the E-System stores the generated electricity in batteries, and in the event of a decrease in its own electricity production, the heat pump is powered by stored energy. The built-in inverter also has an optional EPS (safe power mode) function, which allows you to use the stored power in the event of a power failure from the mains. The E-System is maintenance-free and its batteries with intelligent charging system have a minimum lifespan of 10 years. Thanks to modularity, the E-System is customizable and can be dimensioned according to performance requirements.

Heat pump and photovoltaics? Heating but also cooling

One of the indisputable advantages of combining heat pump and photovoltaics is, in addition to economic heating of hot water and heating, also interior cooling. In winter, at the average temperatures of the given period, the geothermal heat pump is one of the most financially profitable and at the same time the most environmentally friendly solutions for heating and utility water in the house. Because the heat pump is powered by electricity, but only by a minimum amount of it. The heat pump can also very efficiently and cheaply cool the interior of the house in summer in conjunction with heating-cooling radiant systems. Unlike air conditioning, which has not only a high purchase price and the need for regular service, but also high operating costs, they have comfortable functionality without any noise and replace any other unsightly heating units or cooling units.

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