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A new era of cooperation with Zent-Frenger

A new era of cooperation with Zent-Frenger

The German company Zent-Frenger is one of the world's best energy systems abroad and stands out for its professional approach and quality know-how. Since this year, we have become its partner and representative on the Czech and Slovak markets, which has allowed us to expand our range of products and services.

As a Geocore company, we have been operating on the market for 11 years. Since 2008, we have been trying to find the most suitable environmentally friendly and economical solution for our customers in the field of TZB (technical equipment of buildings) while contributing innovations that would ensure even greater quality and comfort for our customers. We are constantly working on these goals, so we decided to re-establish cooperation with Zent-Frenger, which has so far been represented on the Czech market by UPONOR. Thanks to this, we can boast of expanding our portfolio with new Zent-Frenger products.

GeoCore's Strong Partner

Zent Frenger has a long tradition since 1954. During that time, it had the opportunity to launch a number of technical innovations, including heating cooling ceiling technology , which made it a major pioneerand innovator in the industry. Since 1990, ithas also produced, among otherthings, its own heating cooling systems for steel, aluminium, plasterboard and special ceilings in Heppenheim , which are of great interest to customers. In addition to heating cooling ceilings, it also focuses on geothermal pumps see Geozent.

GeoCore and Zent-Frenger

Since January 1, 2019, we have a new foreign partner by our side, which means even more choice and tailor-made solutions for our customers and clients, from performance to design itself. Thanks to the greater variety of our assortment, we are able to find the right solution for every type of building, regardless of its size or technical equipment. On this basis, we can boast the largest selection on the market, not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia or Poland.

Together with Zent-Frenger Energy Solutions, we offer not only a large selection of interior elements, but also a comprehensive solution. We will help you with feasibility studies, advise you on the most suitable system and take on project management, production, assembly and commissioning – so you can rely on us at every stage of your project.

Take a look at our complete extended portfolio of Zent-Frenger heating cooling ceiling products, which will take care not only of the optimal temperature, but also of the right amount of fresh air, instlipation of modern technologies into the ceiling such as space sound system, lighting and taking care of the acoustics of the space all without unpleasant drafts as an absolutely quiet and comfortable solution.

We support cooperation with architects, designers, investors and developers. We look forward to further cooperation.

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Photovoltaics and heat pump? A combination that gives you up to 75% independence

Photovoltaics and heat pump? A combination that gives you up to 75% independence

Do you deal with high energy bills every year and think about a solution that could solve these problems in the long run? Perhaps a combination of photovoltaics and a heat pump may be the right solution for you. This combination can reduce your heating, cooling and water heating costs by up to 75% Combining your own electricity production and heat pump heating is one of the most efficient solutions, whether from an economic or environmental point of view.

How electricity generation works

The combination of photovoltaics and heat pumps is one of the frequently used ecological energy sources, the main advantage of which is the almost independent production of hot utility and heating or cooling water at low operating costs. Only the minimum power consumption for the compressor or pump is required for the operation of the heat pump. A photovoltaic cell that uses the so-called photoelectric phenomenon to generate electricity is a suitable choice for its delivery. These cells are made up of semiconductor plates (mostly made of quarry) and when sunlight on the semiconductor plate is impacted, an electric current is generated thanks to the photoelectric phenomenon. This current can then be used to power household electrical appliances – e.g. a heat pump.

Power storage options

The storage of energy from photovoltaics can be regulated thanks to the E-Manager system, which is an element of the Smart Grid, i.e. a smart network that uses digital communication technology. It detects excess electricity generated from photovoltaic panels and then regulates the heat pump to the optimal balance between consumption and production. At the same time, it is able to use excess energy by switching on some appliances, e.g. washing machine, dishwasher or dryer. When the power production from photovoltaic panels decreases, the E-Manager returns the heat pump to its standard operation. It also allows you to set a timetable for consumption depending on peak electricity prices, and at the same time depending on the season. The heat pump will produce more heat energy at a time when electricity is cheaper and thus saves our finances.

E-Manager vs E-System

The E-System again uses digital communication technology, but in addition it extends the E-Manager with an inverter and built-in storage batteries. With an excess of electricity from photovoltaic panels, the E-System stores the generated electricity in batteries, and in the event of a decrease in its own electricity production, the heat pump is powered by stored energy. The built-in inverter also has an optional EPS (safe power mode) function, which allows you to use the stored power in the event of a power failure from the mains. The E-System is maintenance-free and its batteries with intelligent charging system have a minimum lifespan of 10 years. Thanks to modularity, the E-System is customizable and can be dimensioned according to performance requirements.

Heat pump and photovoltaics? Heating but also cooling

One of the indisputable advantages of combining heat pump and photovoltaics is, in addition to economic heating of hot water and heating, also interior cooling. In winter, at the average temperatures of the given period, the geothermal heat pump is one of the most financially profitable and at the same time the most environmentally friendly solutions for heating and utility water in the house. Because the heat pump is powered by electricity, but only by a minimum amount of it. The heat pump can also very efficiently and cheaply cool the interior of the house in summer in conjunction with heating-cooling radiant systems. Unlike air conditioning, which has not only a high purchase price and the need for regular service, but also high operating costs, they have comfortable functionality without any noise and replace any other unsightly heating units or cooling units.

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Air parameters that are good to monitor to live healthy

Air parameters that are good to monitor to live healthy

There are several air parameters that are good to monitor and know to see if we really live in a healthy environment. These are mainly temperature, humidity, CO2 concentrations, VOC concentrations (volatile organics), PM2.5 and PM10 dust (fine flying dust) and the number of positive and negative ions. In the following, we tried to bring some of the factors closer to you and give you some advice on how to avoid pollutants in the air.

The 'Fine Dust' case

In Germany, the issue of fine dust is currently being addressed in relation to the issue of air quality. According to a report by the country's public television, it kills around 120,000 Germans a year, and one of its biggest sources is agriculture. They claim that the dust binds to ammonia produced by cows. This report refers to an as yet unpublished study by the prestigious Max Planck Institute. It also allegedly states that so-called fine dust kills more people in Germany than smoking, and almost half of it is caused by agriculture – especially animal farming.

Nothing new under the sun?

But the fight against flying dust is nothing new. In 2017, a study published in the journal Nature addressed a similar question. 14 research institutes from the United States, China, and Europe examined rates of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, lung tumors, and other chronic respiratory diseases in 228 countries. They compared their findings with the concentration and models of the spread of flying dust. In particular, it was recommended to establish a regional policy that would regulate air quality appropriately and tax polluting emissions. The aim is to prevent companies from moving to countries that do not have strict environmental laws to improve air quality.

Is there a prevention?

If you are asking whether there is a prevention that we can and can influence in relation to the air quality around us, we have some tips. First of all, it is necessary to ventilate in your houses even in winter. If you live in a big city, however, air purity can be a problem. We spend 90% of our time inside buildings, and the quality of the air we breathe both at home or in the office or in other areas is important. This problem finds solutions in ionization devices that can be installed indoors in several ways. Ionization technology mimics the natural way of air purification on the principle of electronic enrichment of air particles. Just like the air is cleared after a storm.

High efficiency ionization equipment technology

Our active ionization system effectively acts on odics and harmful substances present in the air in both the domestic and working environments. It contributes to the creation of an ion balance typical of the natural environment and improves the psychophysical well-being of people. The ionization equipment can also be set up in recovery distribution systems to treat the air inlet and automate the entire operation. Mobile ionization units without the need for installed air conditioning in the building are also an option. Learn more about technology here.

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Geocore Revolution

Our latest innovations in the energy revolution

Our latest innovation in the energy revolution.

New ecoAIR air heat pump.

Introducing ecoAIR air/water outdoor compact heat pump with controllable power of 3-12 kW.


EcoAIR is made up of the highest quality components

1. Surface with high corrosion protection.

2. Copeland Scroll + EVI + Iverter compressor

3. High quality Alfa Laval exchangers

4. Grunfos High Efficiency Circulator

5. Carel expansion valve

6. Ziehl-Abegg Fan

7. Four-way reverse valve

8. Filter

Why is the EcoAIR heat pump unique?

Thanks to EVI technology, the compressor is able to work at much lower outdoor temperatures.
EcoAIR solves the problem of conventional heat pumps that are not able to heat water to the desired temperature during the winter months.


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