Special air curtains

How to save energy?

Energy can be saved simply by installing a special air curtain at logistics openings, doors or doors. Currently frequented or large entrances/entrances to warehouse or production premises are a critical place of leakage of expensively obtained heat or cold. When the door is opened, the device automatically switches on, separating indoor and outdoor spaces or individual plants with different environmental quality (temperature, humidity, pollution, etc.)

Quick return

The advantage of our special air curtains (SVC) is the quick return on investment. (Even when replacing an existing device) It's because of the big energy savings. SVC have no power for expensive air heating as is the case with standard input and entrance solutions.

Where can I use my device?

We have functional solutions across a wide range of architectural assignments. However, each customer is different, and we often deal with combinations of different functions as needed. Our facilities manage, among other things, situations where you need to not only separate and close two different spaces, but also ensure connectivity and logistical accessibility. Our air separation devices achieve full efficiency at a range of up to 8m and a height of entry completely as required, guaranteeing versatile application.

"Special air curtains
are an essential part of
every economical operation'

Basic benefits

  • designed for specific parameters of our clients
  • does not need heating power
  • we will increase the working comfort of your satisfied employees
  • protection of the space from cold air intrusion
  • protection of space from dust, pollen, flying insects
  • does not need heating power
  • without the need for gas or hot water supply
  • easy implementation anytime, anywhere and quickly
  • saves energy for heating or cooling
  • separates rooms with significantly different temperatures, humidity and environmental qualities (incl. cooling and freezing rooms)
  • quick return about 3 years
  • long service life of the device
  • can resist wind force up to 4.5 m/s
  • full efficiency up to 8m hole width
  • low noise
  • small vesite dimensions - simpler implementation
  • we do not promise, we guarantee

Advantages of special air curtains

1. The device is designed for the specific parameters of our clients. We make the necessary measurements ourselves and help to find the optimal solution. We'll find energy savings where you wouldn't expect them.

2. We will protect premises and operations from the intrusion of cold air, dust, pollen, flying insects. We will prevent leaks of heat, cold and moisture.

3. Our air curtains do not require heating power, therefore their implementation is very easy. they can be installed, anytime, anywhere, very quickly and without the need to implement gas or hot water distribution systems.

4. High return on investment. The device is very economical compared to competing systems, it consumes a minimum of energy for its running.

5. Saves energy for heating or cooling. Minimizes heat losses during logistics processes and streamlines energy utilization where needed.

6. Increase the comfort of the indoor environment. Alleviating negative effects on the health of employees by preventing cold flow and improving psychological well-being, for example by separating operations with an unpleasant odor.

7. Long service life of the device. Thanks to an uncomplicated elegant solution, our air curtains are less prone to malfunctions.

8. Our air curtains are very powerful. It can also handle wind against the force of 4.5 m/s.

9. Small veal dimensions and low noise significantly facilitate the implementation of devices into your projects, and coordination with other technologies. Especially in public areas, it is possible to create an elegant and inconspicuous solution. Thanks to the concept on the sides of placed veals, it is possible to shield holes up to 8 meters wide and practically any height.

10. Variability of technology. For example, a heating register can be integrated to ensure comfortable temperatures in entrances, passages and entrances.

Function schema

Comparison of systems

Top view

Side view

Regular aperture

Austerity aperture


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