Equipment suitable for cooling and freezing zones

Reliable operation and energy saving.

The air curtain reliably separates different environments at different temperatures. The principle of separation of humidity and warm air from reduced temperature zones is based on three principles: Significant reduction of cold leakage from the cooling and freezing box, significant reduction of the warm airflow from the zone before the freezing and cooling box, and avoidance of fog on the inner and outer boundary surface between the separating air streams, depending on partial pressures of water vapour. The performance of the air curtain equipment is determined according to the specifics of the project.

It depends on the size of the entrance, entrance or passage and the physical air conditions in the cooled frozen area and the zone in front of it. Two custom-made and precisely positioned veneers ensure optimal direction and speed of the air flow. The positions of the vesite are to the right and left relative to the entrance, passage or entrance. The resulting flat flow is directed at the vesier positions in such a way as to prevent air flow. Thanks to the reduction of partial pressure of water vapours in the air-conditioned mixing zone, icing or fog is prevented.


  • reducing the risk of spreading odors, dust and flying insects
  • the air curtain does not prevent the free passage, passage or logistics of the goods
  • good visibility in freezing rooms
  • elimination of icing and fog formation
  • maintaining a constant temperature
  • energy saving increases operational efficiency
  • optimizing the costs of freezing logistics


  • entrances, entrances between zones with different temperatures
  • logistics centres
  • different types of conveyor routes
  • cooling and freezing rooms
  • inert operations

Cooling zones

Freezing zones

Function schema

Comparison of systems

Top view

Side view

Regular aperture

Economical aperture


cooling and freezing zones


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