Equipment suitable for commercial use zones

Energy saving, reliable operation and environmental well-being.

The performance of the air curtain equipment is determined according to the specifics of the project. The amount of air required to be retained in the inlet or passage shall be controlled by the rate of the dividing air stream in the linear outlet. Depending on the application, two precisely positioned, tailor-made veneers ensure the optimal direction and speed of the air flow.

The positions of the vesite are on the sides of the entrance or passage. The resulting flat flow is directed at the vesier positions in such a way as to prevent air flow. Our air curtains are characterized by the highest technical know-how and precise design. It does not matter if it is glass, plastic, or marble, integration is possible in any interior. To ensure comfortable temperatures in the entrances and passages, the heating register can be integrated into the air curtain.



  • air curtain does not prevent free passage and passage
  • efficient and comfortable separation and air conditioning of customer premises
  • reducing the risk of spreading odors, dust and flying insects
  • prevention of drafts and cold air flow
  • possibility of integration into an existing design solution
  • optimization of heat losses and energy savings
  • maximum customer satisfaction
  • more comfortable output environment
  • more efficient tempering and air conditioning


  • outdoor entrances
  • inputs between zones with different temperatures
  • shopping centres, supermarkets and supermarkets
  • hotels and hotel lobby
  • railway stations and airports
  • waiting points at airports
  • Hospital
  • petrol station

Function schema

Comparison of systems

Top view

Side view

Regular aperture

Economical aperture


commercial zones


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