Overview of the BION ionization product family

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The BION Fit Spot benchtop air purifier creates natural oxygen ions that purify the air and destroy unwanted viruses and bacteria. So you can breathe safely in the office or at home. The efficiency of 99% for the destruction of viruses is laboratory certified.

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Introducing this year's novelty, a unique Czech car air purifier.

It will protect you and other travelers from viruses and allergens and help you stay alert behind the wheel.

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BION Guard

Geocore's BION Guard separates the outdoor environment from the indoors, saving energy for heating. Apertures with integrated BION ionizers work even after closing the door. They circulate the air inside the interior, destroying viruses, fungins, bacteria and germ cells.

Copy of Custos design (203.2 x 152.4 mm) (8 x 12 cm)

Ionizer BION for cooling units

Thanks to their compact dimensions, BION ionizers are easily implemented into other air-conditioning devices. It can thus supplement the air-conditioning unit or recovery, distribution pipes or humidifiers and cooling units.

It is more suitable for smaller spaces – such as apartments, family houses, etc.


Ionizer BION for recuperation units

Thanks to their compact dimensions, BION ionizers are easily implemented into other air-conditioning devices. It can thus supplement the air-conditioning unit or recovery, distribution pipes or humidifiers and cooling units.

It is more suitable for larger spaces – such as administrative buildings, client centers, banks, etc.

Custos (203.2 x 152.4 mm) (8 x 12 cm)

BION Fit Spot L

The ideal air purifier for larger spaces. Suitable for use in the healthcare, retail, restaurants, hotels, offices, schools, etc. sectors.

Why air ionization?

We spend most of our time indoors. The quality of the air we breathe at home, in the office or in other areas is important because it affects our health and the health of our loved ones. A recent EPA environmental survey estimates that indoor air can be up to 5 times more polluted compared to outdoor air in major cities.

Even if you ventilate intensively or buy an air conditioning system, you will not guarantee the required amount of ions in the air.

Main polluters

If we were to divide pollution sources into categories, these would be:

  • Chemical (cigarette smoke, solvents...)
  • Physical (radiation, electromagnetic waves, noise...)
  • Biological (viruses, fung, allergens, mites...)

We cannot see the air, we cannot touch it, and it is not heard. Therefore, it seems to us to be pure.

However, it can contain particles that are very harmful to us – especially indoors. These pollut polluters may come from common equipment. E.g. from painting, floor coverings, surface treatment of furniture, heating systems, appliances or detergents.

Special air ionization suitable for all environments

Thanks to the constant development of technologies, we have developed new special air ionizers with BIO protection. BION ionizers destroy a wide range of dangerous microorganisms.

Poor air is one of the problems we have to face every day. It is not just an outdoor environment – we often struggle with the air inside buildings, which is infested with dust, mold, smells, viruses and other microorganisms.

Geocore's BION series ionizers can be used in any environment. They can be installed freely indoors or implemented in industrial air conditioning or in the recovery of houses. We will design the ideal solution for you. For example, in gastro operations, we have extensive experience in removing unwanted odors from air-conditioning towing.

The upgraded BION air ionizers inside the interior clean the air. It rids air of allergens and destroys viruses, fungins, bacteria and germ cells. With an efficiency of 99%, we can destroy e.g. H1N1, H5N1 viruses.

If your interior is protected by inoizers, you will primarily provide quality air for you and your family, as well as for your employees or customers.

What spaces are we able to protect?


Family houses and apartments

Your home is the most important thing. BION ionizers are constantly disinfecting your home. You can install it in recovery, or you need it on your desk.

multi-floor buildings

Offices and shops

BION ionizers are installed in the air-conditioning system or you can simply put them on the workbench. We also have a solution for you to the front door.


Industrial buildings

It's important to protect employees. BION ionizers can be installed in vzt, use special air curtains BION Guard or ask us for equipment tailored to your requirements.

How does ionization work?

BION Guard uses corona discharge to form oxygen molecules O₂+ and O₂-.

These molecules have high chemical activity and when they react with H₂O (air humidity) molecules, they produce H₂O₂.

Hydrogen peroxide (H₂O₂) binds to dangerous particles in the air together with water molecules.

A chemical reaction is formed in which oxidants break down the protein structure of hazardous particles and make them harmless.

Why choose BION ionization?

Meets strict standards

BION ionizers have been specially developed for the working environment and thus must meet strict international standards of ozone concentration in the air. Paradoxically, these standards do not apply to indoor living spaces in the Czech Republic. But we know that safe air is important in your home. Therefore, BION ionizers are a suitable choice for both public and private spaces.

Better than you'd expect

Standard mezinárodních norem pro koncentraci ozónu je definován maximální hodnotou 0,05ppm. Naměřená koncentrace ozónu u ionizátoru BION je pouhých < 0,01ppm. Toto číslo si také můžete představit jako poměr 1 částici ozónu na více jak 100 000 000 částic vzduchu. Při měření Státním zdravotním ústavem byla koncentrace ozónu pod mezí citlivosti měřícího přístroje.

Effective bipolarity

BION ionizers operate on the principle of bipolar ion production. This function is important for the ionizer to complement the air with a balanced ratio of positive and negative ions – that is, the ratio that occurs in nature. Bipolar function maintains a natural ratio of ions even in the internal environment. For example, if a computer is located in the premises that produces positively charged particles, the BION ionizer will supplement the air with negative ions. This makes the air balanced ionized.


We will design a solution just for you


Laboratory test results

We have laboratory verified that BION ionization destroys dangerous air substances. BION ionizers are certified by the world's leading laboratories. We have also successfully passed other laboratory testing – the device with the BION function destroys the SARS COV 2 virus, causing Covid-19, with 99.9% efficiency.

Price estimate of equipment according to the extent of ionization in the building


Price range

100 - 300 CZK/m³



Price range

50 - 200 CZK/m³

multi-floor buildings


Price range

15 - 200 CZK/m³


Large capacity premises

Price range

15 - 200 CZK/m³


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