BION Fit Spot L

The ideal air purifier for larger spaces. Suitable for use in the healthcare, retail, restaurants, hotels, offices, schools, etc. sectors.

Floor area m², air flow m3/h
Clean air supply ratio: 4/hour
ceiling height 2,5 m
20/200 Bion Fit Spot L 1400 25 db (A)
40/400 Bion Fit Spot L 1400 30 db (A) Bion Fit Spot L 1600 27.5 db (A)
60/600 Bion Fit Spot L 1400 32.5 db (A) Bion Fit Spot L 1600 29.5 db (A)
80/800 Bion Fit Spot L 1400 35.5 db (A) Bion Fit Spot L 1600 32 db (A)
100/1000 Bion Fit Spot L 1400 39.5 db (A) Bion Fit Spot L 1600 33.5 db (A)
120/1200 Bion Fit Spot L 1400 43 db (A) Bion Fit Spot L 1600 36.5 db (A)
140/1400 Bion Fit Spot L 1400 45 db (A) Bion Fit Spot L 1600 40.5 db (A)
160/1600 Bion Fit Spot L 1600 43 db (A)

Example: 100m2:1unit BION Fit Spot L 1600 or 1 unit BION Fit Spot L 1400
240m2:2units BION Fit Spot L 1600 or 2 units BION Fit Spot L 1400

BION Fit Spot L – air purifier

  • Plug & play system
  • Two-level filter system
  • Filter with 99.995% efficiency
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple installation
  • Ideal for large rooms
  • Very quiet operation with integrated attenuators
  • Compact
  • Modern design
  • Available in two sizes
  • Constant regulation of air flow
  • To be ordered: connection to fresh air
  • May be completed with BION ionization system

Simple and powerful


The BION Fit Spot L air purifier provides air circulation inside the room. It sucks polluted air into the lower part and the upper part brings clean air back into the room. Air purification is provided by a pre-filter and a HEPA filter for most fine particles. The certified HEPA filter class H14 – EN 1822 – ensures maximum airflow and a very low initial pressure drop. BION Fit Spot L is a highly safe product certified for microbial development.



Permanent air flow control with a simple control panel accessible from the outside of the unit. Constant air flow control guarantees the same level of protection against viral contamination regardless of the degree of filter clogging.

Easy filter replacement with automatic notification via LED indicator.

BION Fit Spot L 1400
BION Fit Spot L 1600
Airflow (Nominal min/max) 600 | 200-1400 m³/h 800 | 200-1600 m³/h
Height with/without filters 125/110 kg 160/135 kg
Dimensions 67.5 x 52.5 x 200.3 cm 67.5 x 72.5 x 200.3 cm
Feed 1 x 230V-50Hz/max. 2.3A 1x230V – 50 Hz/max. 2.3 A
Filter class EN ISO16890/EN 1822) ePM1 60% + HEPA H14 ePM1 60% + HEPA H14
Absorbed energy consumption at nominal airflow (taking into account pure filter) 57W 42W
Operating temperature -20°C ... +40°C -20°C ... +40°C
Sound pressure level at nominal airflow and distance of 1 m* 32.5 dB (A) 32 db (A)
Color Dark grey (RAL 7016) Dark grey (RAL 7016)

*soundproof chamber

BION disposes of the following substances

We have successfully passed laboratory testing – BION destroys SARS CoV 2, causing Covid-19, with 99.9% efficiency.

Air conditioning, recuperation, air conditioning

BION - Clean and fresh air

During ionization, the air is enriched with a large number of positive and negative ions that react with air humidity to form H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) which disinfects the air. In addition, ionization significantly improves air quality, is beneficial to health, eliminates the appearance of mold, viruses and bacteria, removes dust and other allergens from the air, thereby naturally purifying the air and, in addition, absorbing odors. With BION products, you create a healthy environment through the same process as in nature. No filters are needed in this process. Ionized air binds solid particles from the air, which then sediment (in layman's terms, they fall to the ground) just like in nature. For this reason, there is no need to filter the air in normal environments. The presence of ions is most noticeable in the air after a thunderstorm, which is cleaner and easier to inhale. Another environment where you can find a large number of ions of beneficial salts are salt caves or sea beaches.

BION - Effective Bipolarity

BION ionizers operate on the principle of bipolar ion production. This function is important for the ionizer to complement the air with a balanced ratio of positive and negative ions – that is, the ratio that occurs in nature. Bipolar function maintains a natural ratio of ions even in the internal environment. For example, if a computer is located in the premises that produces positively charged particles, the BION ionizer will supplement the air with negative ions. This makes the air balanced ionized.

BION – Safety

The use of an ionizer is absolutely safe in the presence of humans. It also benefits pets. There is no need to use any protective equipment.

BION - Meets strict standards

BION ionizers have been specially developed for the working environment and must therefore meet strict international standards for the concentration of ozone in the air. Paradoxically, these standards do not apply to indoor living spaces in the Czech Republic. But we know that safe air is important in all indoor environments. Therefore, BION ionizers are a suitable choice.

Standard mezinárodních norem pro koncentraci ozónu je definován maximální hodnotou 0,05ppm. Naměřená koncentrace ozónu u ionizátoru BION je pouhých < 0,01ppm. Toto číslo si také můžete představit jako poměr 1 částici ozónu na více jak 100 000 000 částic vzduchu. Při měření Státním zdravotním ústavem byla koncentrace ozónu pod mezí citlivosti měřícího přístroje.

The BION system uses corona discharge to produce oxygen molecules O₂+ and O₂-.

These molecules have high chemical activity and when they react with H₂O (air humidity) molecules, they produce H₂O₂.

Hydrogen peroxide (H₂O₂) binds to dangerous particles in the air together with water molecules.

A chemical reaction is formed in which oxidants break down the protein structure of hazardous particles and make them harmless.


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