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5 years

BION Fit Spot - Air Purifier

Unique Czech certified air purifier with the smallest carbon footprint on the market

We can't see the air, we can't touch it, and we can't hear it. That's why he seems clean to us.

Take care of the safety of yourself and your loved ones, a Czech certified ionizer with a patented system and the smallest carbon footprint on the market. Clean and healthy air free of viruses, mold, dust, bacteria, economy, maintenance-free and without additional investment in filters. Because why filter disease-prone substances when you can eliminate them right away...

BION Fit Spot Ionizer - Air Purifier


  • Disinfected 24/7 in the presence of humans, without chemistry
  • Portable, local ionizer
  • Reduces the risk of infection with viruses, bacteria, spores and funberries by 99%
  • Virus and bacterial protection certification
  • Eco product – environmentally friendly and you
  • Wood top made of residual solid wood
  • Czech product
  • Extended warranty for 5 years
  • It is advisable to use it in the presence of humans, creating and maintaining a very healthy environment
  • Simple to use. Works as soon as plugged in
  • Min. 10 x lower electricity consumption
  • Annual savings in operating costs from CZK 4,334
  • Return from 2 years
  • 50% less noise

BION Fit Spot – Continuous Disinfection


Thanks to the continuous development of technologies, we have created unique BION Fit Spot ionizers that destroy a wide range of dangerous microorganisms. Our ionizers meet all the demanding requirements of our time. Not only do they ionize the air, but they also cleanse it and rid it of germs and allergy-inducing particles. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, it will treat the air so that you will feel almost like in nature within their reach. Ionization can run 24 hours a day, of course, even in the presence of humans.

Comfort, safe and healthy environment without viruses and bacteria


Poor air is one of the problems we have to face every day. It is not just an outdoor environment – we often struggle with the air inside buildings, which is infested with dust, mold, smells, viruses and other microorganisms.

The upgraded BION air ionizers inside the interior clean the air. It rids air of allergens and destroys viruses, fungins, bacteria and germ cells. With an efficiency of 99%, we can destroy e.g. H1N1, H5N1 (swine and bird flu). In addition, it also absorbs odours very effectively.

If your interior is protected by ionizers, you will primarily provide quality air for you and your family, as well as for your employees or customers.

We have successfully passed other laboratory testing and obtained certification – the device destroys sars cov 2 virus with 99.9%effectiveness, causing Covid-19 disease.

List of micro-organisms

BION Fit Spot produces naturally occurring oxygen ions that purify the air we breathe indoors


  • Effective disinfection of premises – neutralizes a wide range of dangerous microorganisms
  • Reduces the risk of infection by 99%
  • No chemistry
  • Neutralizes oduds
  • Natural air purification from dust
  • Reduces the risk of transmission of viral diseases
  • Reduces the risk of allergic reactions in allergy sufferers
  • Drains static electricity and prevents electrostatic accumulation
  • Health benefits confirmed by leading international research institutions
  • The device complies with American, European and Czech ozone concentration standards
  • Certification RoHS, EMC, CE and UL, 14 certificates from world laboratories
  • Patented self-cleaning bipolar device is maintenance-free

Technical parameters:


  • Bipolar ionization function
  • Produces 10na10 ≤ 10 to 12 Ions/ses
  • Continuous measurement of ion concentration
  • Power cord with smooth 180 cm control
  • Airflow (m3/h): ≥ 117 m3/h (69 CFM)
  • Low operating noise: ≤ 24.4dB (0.5 Sone)
  • Maximum space size: 15 m2 / 45 m3 to 30 m2 / 90 m3
  • Ionizer power 12VDC ±10% 30mA.0.36W
  • Fan power 0.20A / + 12 V DC
  • Dimensions: approx. 12.2 x 12.2 x 29.5 cm (ŠxHxV)
  • Wood top made of residual solid wood
  • Extended warranty for 5 years
  • Easy to use, just plug it into the socket

About BION Fit Spot


BION Fit Spot – Clean and fresh air

During ionization, the air is enriched with a large number of positive and negative ions that react with air humidity and produce H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) that disinfects the air. In addition, ionization significantly improves air quality, is beneficial to health, eliminates the appearance of funmite, viruses and bacteria, removes dust and other allergens from the air, thereby naturally purifying the air and, in addition, absorbing odors. With BION Fit Spot, you create a healthy environment at home or in the office through the same process as in nature. No filters are required in this process. Ionized air binds solid particles from the air, which then sediment (in layman's terms, they fall to the ground) just as they do in nature. For this reason, there is no need to filter the air in normal environments.
The presence of ions is most noticeable in the air after a storm, which is cleaner and easier to inhale. Other environments where you will find a large number of ions of beneficial salts are salt caves or sea beaches.


BION Fit Spot – Effective Bipolarity

BION ionizers operate on the principle of bipolar ion production. This function is important for the ionizer to complement the air with a balanced ratio of positive and negative ions – that is, the ratio that occurs in nature. Bipolar function maintains a natural ratio of ions even in the internal environment. For example, if a computer is located in the premises that produces positively charged particles, the BION ionizer will supplement the air with negative ions. This makes the air balanced ionized.

BION Fit Spot –ECO product

We save the environment during production. Beautiful residual solid wood from forests in šumava is used for the upper wooden part, which we saved from its destruction.

BION Fit Spot - Safety

The use of an ionizer is absolutely safe in the presence of humans. It also benefits housemai animals and pets. There is no need to use any protective equipment.


BION Fit Spot – Meets Strict Standards

BION ionizers have been specially developed for the working environment and thus must meet strict international standards of ozone concentration in the air. Paradoxically, these standards do not apply to indoor living spaces in the Czech Republic. But we know that safe air is important in your home. Therefore, BION ionizers are a suitable choice for both public and private spaces.

The standard of international standards for ozone concentration is defined by a maximum value of 0,05ppm. The measured ozone concentration of the BION ionizer is only less than 0.01ppm. You can also think of this number as the ratio of 1 particle of ozone to more than 100,000,000 particles of air. When measured by the National Institute of Public Health, the concentration of ozone was below the sensitivity limit of the measuring instrument.

The BION system uses corona discharge to produce oxygen molecules O₂+ and O₂-.

These molecules have high chemical activity and when they react with H₂O (air humidity) molecules, they produce H₂O₂.

Hydrogen peroxide (H₂O₂) binds to dangerous particles in the air together with water molecules.

A chemical reaction is formed in which oxidants break down the protein structure of hazardous particles and make them harmless.

Limited editions


We continuously transform our basic white model and offer interesting limited editions.

The first was the "Black" edition, which, however, has already settled in our assortment because of its popularity.

We have also established cooperation with young designers and very interesting pieces are gradually being created, thus gradually moveing the air purifier among the design accessories.

Corporate clientele


For corporate customers we offer the possibility of customization of the treatment plant – we will make the BION Fit Spot in any color from the RAL swatch and we will provide the upper wooden cover with the company logo.

Larger spaces

You can place multiple cleaners in larger spaces or we will make a tailor-made device. We measure the dimensions, calculate the volume of air in the room and set the right solution for the average number of people in the room. Here again there is room for design. Everything is dealt with individually. This creates interesting treatment plants tailored to the needs of the client and also space. The most cheerful of our realizations is this colorful box, which cleans the air in the kindergarten in Prague.


Air conditioning, recuperation, air conditioning

You can get clean air from the source. In addition, our ionizers will also clean the inside of your air ducts. This will provide you with a safe air exchange and reduce the risk of transmission of disease-prone substances to a fraction of a percent.  Suitable both for installation in new devices and, of course, it is possible to integrate ionizers into existing devices.

They said about us

Deutsche Schule Prag

"Already last year we decided to act and try air purifiers. We have placed them in cabinets and offices and we have a very good experience with them. That is why we have decided that we will probably increase the number of treatment plants and use them where more people are gathering. We are planning a reconstruction of the school in the future and are thinking of having air purification technology installed directly in the air conditioning system at the same time,"

Jitka Špetová, Headmistress of Deutsche Schule Prag


Family and movement center Prague

The family centre located in Prague Žižkov has decided on a tailor-made treatment plant.

"We have a cleaner located in the games room where small children move and the compact cleaner is safer for them, they can not drop it or move it. At the same time, they can creatively "enjoy" it and paint it. The purifiers will rid the surrounding air of viruses, and that is the main thing for us at this time,"

Lucie Viktorová from RPC Prague

prazacka logo


SilentLab, for example, which produces soundproofed office cells and other acoustic accessories, focuses on the safest working environment possible.

"We advise companies daily on how to best equip offices and premises. That's why we've decided to equip clarity protect air purifiers with products from our MICROOFFICE portfolio,"

Jaroslav Vendl, SilentLab


Fuji Koyo Czech

"We started testing all employees regularly from March 9, 2021. In addition, we have implemented dozens of countermeasures, such as pavidable area disinfection of all premises, maximization of homeoffice, distribution of vitamin packs, regular training for anti-eptic measures inside the plant. We cannot afford to have dozens of employees quarantined, not only from the point of view of smooth fulfillment of deliveries to our customers, but also from the point of view of our social responsibility. We do not want to be a place where there is infestation, both in production and in administrative positions. That's why we got several air purifiers for our offices. Just testing is not enough, we want to actively prevent possible infections and minimize the risk of infection in our operation. We have excellent results compared to other branches thanks to the discipline of our employees and the constant introduction of further countermeasures."

Štefan Varga, General Manager of Fuji Koyo Czech


dm drugstore markt s.r.o.

They focused on air purification in the dm and within administrative and social premises in the Central Warehouse of dm drogerie markt s.r.o. in Jihlava.

"We want to offer our co-workers the safest possible environment, especially now clean air is very important. Thanks to the complex system, our coworkers are safer than, for example, public transport."

Petr Vaněček, Head of Logistics dm drogerie markt s.r.o.



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