Ionization of office space contributes to mental well-being and health of employees

Have you ever encountered the concept of air ionization? In our article, we will mention ionization especially in conjunction with air quality and the use of this technology in the interior. Whether it's your house, office space or the school your kids go to, we're everywhere in an environment that should absolutely meet hygiene requirements and contribute to mental well-being.  However, especially in the interior, air can contain particles that are very harmful to us. These pollut polluters may come from common equipment. E.g. from painting, floor coverings, surface treatment of furniture, heating systems, appliances or cleaning products.

How does ionization work?

We spend 90% of our time inside buildings. The quality of the air we breathe both at home or in the office or in other areas is important because it affects our health and the health of our loved ones. A recent survey by the EPA estimates that indoor air can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air in major cities. This problem is the subject of increased attention from the WHO – the World Health Organization. Ionization technology mimics the natural way of air purification on the principle of electronic enrichment of air particles. It'll also clear the air after the storm. Our ionizers meet all the demanding requirements of our time. Not only do they ionize the air, but they also cleanse it and rid it of germs and allergy-inducing particles.


How does technology help in practice?

For example, we installed the mentioned ionization technology in the TV Nova office building in Prague 5. The active ionization system effectively acts on odics and harmful substances present in the air in the working environment. It contributes to the creation of an ion balance typical of the natural environment and improves the psychophysical well-being of people. Employees can thus work in an environment that has a positive effect not only on health, but also on the concentration and therefore performance of the employees themselves in companies. All this with maximum quiet in any environment. The technology is suitable not only for office space, but is also widely used, for example, in the food industry, health care, business and production halls, hotels, restaurants, sanitary areas or sports and recreational facilities.

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