Our air curtains saved Fidorka

Did you know that mondelēz international has one of its factories in the Czech Republic? Could you remember which sweets this giant makes? You'd be surprised, but among them are our favorite nostalgic sweets from the past, as well as the confectionery that our descendants like to eat. For example, among them are the aforementioned Fidorkas, the essential equipment of every trip, Horalka, but also, for example, Oreo cookies, Milka chocolates or Cadbury sweets. A lesser-known fact is that in order for all these goodies to reach you in the highest quality, perfect conditions are needed first in production.

The most modern biscuit factory in Europe

Mondelēz International invested more than CZK 4 billion in its production plant in Opava. Thanks to the construction of a new hall and significant investments in the original production premises, in the last four years the factory has become the largest and at the same time state-of-the-art cookie production site of Mondelēz International in Europe. In addition to increasing the number of jobs in Opava, the company is also a positive example of what a modern supply chain that is less complex, more flexible and cost-effective should look in the 21st century, as Daniel Myers, executive vice president for the integrated supply chain, commented on the investment.

Ecology has not been forgotten

The world's leading manufacturer of chocolates and biscuits also took an ecological view when building a new production hall. The factory holds internationally recognized LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for thrifty buildings, their construction, operation and management. Sustainable development applies both to selected raw materials supplied and to the production plant as such. For example, the well-known Oreo biscuits use cocoa from the Global Cocoa Life Project, which is owned by Mondelēz International and is focused on sustainable cocoa cultivation. Through its own sustainable agriculture programmes, Mondelēz International ensures that the raw materials used are of the highest quality and at the same time grown in prosperous agricultural communities. (source:

GeoCore supplied special air curtains

In optimizing the logistics process, GeoCore designed a solution that given the raw materials from which all the aforementioned and neglected products are made the best conditions for storage and freshness. We have delivered our special air door curtainsto the factory , which will effectively prevent unwanted moisture from intrusion and will keep cocoa beans, wheat and other necessary basic rawmaterials dry. In addition to maintaining the required level of humidity and temperature in the Mondelez raw material warehouse, in other specialized workplaces, screens help, for example, to prevent dust or flying insects from intrusion. The apertures installed at the logistics openings do not use air heating, because thanks to the patented technology, the aperture completely closes the hole and thus there is no heat loss of the object that needs to be heated. Our air curtains are thus the only ones on the market that have an investment return.

Comfort for employees and optimization of heat losses

Last but not least, the benefit of the equipment is that employees do not have to be exposed to constant drafts and cold air flow, which at work threatens their health and largely eliminates incapacity for work. We design screens tailored to every operation. Both for special industrial applications and for common optimization of heat losses. The screens are suitable both for entrances, entrances from the outdoor environment, as well as for entrances between zones with different environmental quality. You can read more about the system here.

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