Schwan Cosmetics invests in geocore technology future

Have you heard of the Schwan brand? Probably, but don't you remember what the brand is making? We'll give you some advice. If someone in your household uses a cosmetic eyeliner, it is very likely that you will find a symbol of a small swan on it. It is just a significant logo of this German brand.

Schwan as a leader in the cosmetics industry

Schwan was founded in 1865 and has been intensively involved in the cosmetics industry since 1975, when the first cosmetic pencil 'Schwan Eyebrow Pencil' was officially introduced. Among the first enthusiasts and customers was max factor cosmetics, which immediately caught up with the idea and took it to America. Since then, Schwan Cosmetics has become the leader of the global cosmetics market and is a professional partner of the cosmetics industry. The company is also a successful leader in sustainable innovation and it is important for it to create products that combine quality, aesthetics and responsibility.

The second largest production centre in Český Krumlov is expanding

Schwan Cosmetics is currently the world's largest manufacturer of wooden decorative cosmetics and therefore is constantly expanding its production halls. The second largest production centre of the company is located in Český Krumlov and in 2016 it began to expand with two new production halls. Schwan management approached us to provide radiant façade heating and cooling systems for the new halls. These are integrated into the column-like construction of glass facades of new production halls. The system is almost invisible in the interior and abounds in comfortable functionality without any noise. Thanks to the fact that we design it tailored for a particular façade, it is able to cover the total heat loss of facades and no additional heating elements are necessary.

Ecology and employee satisfaction as a top priority

Schwan Cosmetics has been investing in high-quality systems that do not burden the environment for a long time, and these include the system that we used in the hall facades. The effective solution we have chosen ranks among the most modern technologies with minimal environmental impact, while also contributing to the physical and psychological well-being of employees. This is precisely because of the radiation of heat or cold, not the blowing and swirling of air, which is usually the cause of diseases and allergies. The sustainability of the projects and the intention to make the day-to-day work of employees more pleasant have certainly come true in this case.

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