Clean recovery thanks to BION Universal

we often answer questions about how to keep the air in the building clean easily. Whether the air from the recovery is safe, if it is not contaminated or how to easily keep it in ideal quality.

We can't see the air, we can't touch it, and we can't hear it. That's why he seems clean to us.


However, the towing air can be contaminated and thus transfer the disease-prolific substances through the rotary exchanger to the clean air. Non-functional recovery means an increase of up to 82% in the cost of operating the facility. By placing our BION system in recovery, you will solve the purity of the supply air and save huge operational additional costs. A quick return on the BION system ensures the cleanliness and reliability of your recovery.

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the BION Universal ionizer is easy to implement into all air-conditioning devices. It can thus supplement the RET unit or recovery, air conditioning pipes, humidifiers or portable table fans


  • Investment in modification by BION system from CZK 3.30/(m³/h)BION
  • Operating costs from 0.53 W/10,000 m³/h
  • Disinfected 24/7 in the presence of humans, without chemistry
  • Reduces the risk of infection with viruses, bacteria, spores and funberries by 99%
  • Certified product, including 99% efficacy against SARS-CoV-2
  • For any airflow
  • Extended warranty for 5 years