Why get bentonite?

Have you heard of him? Bentonite is a very inconspicuous product whose possibilities of use will surely surprise you. It is popular in construction, especially for its tighting capabilities or as an additive in plaster, it is also used for wastewater treatment. Bentonite contributes to the germination of the soil in your garden and is therefore an ideal helper, for example, for planting trees and flowers. It serves perfectly as bedding for pets because it perfectly binds moisture and odor. It is also worth noting that bentonite is commonly used for the purification of wines, musts or for the stabilization of beer or even in the field of welness. Here you can meet it in the form of clay healing tiles, healing baths or it is added to skin care products.

Bentonite from us

Bentonit supplied by GeoCore has been mined since 1941 and its quality is at the level of the highest quality products in its category within Europe. The ecological safety of the backing and its natural origin presuplines this material for wide use in a number of fields, always with beneficial effects on the environment.

Most valued features

Absorption ability It captures air humidity, odors, spilled oils, or waste from livestock bedding.
Reclamation capacity It is added to mineral fertilizers, where it prevents their leakage into the sub-areas, while preventing the fertilizer from crusting during storage. It can germnize sandy soils due to its ability to retain moisture and nutrients in the root layer of the soil. Bentonite also facilitates the cultivation of plants due to its ability to create a balanced moisture regime of soil substrates.
Tighting capability It is perfectly suited as a reliable sealing of any structures and water reservoirs (wells, summers, dams) against the penetration of surface water. It will also help to ensure the impermeability of the subsoil of parking, storage and assembly areas with a possible risk of leakage of pollutants into groundwater.

Bentonite category

Bentonite can be divided into 2 basic categories: unactivated and activated.

The first category consists of dried and ground natural calcium-magnesium bentonite. It is designed to prepare moulding mixtures for castings with a short time of people up to a maximum of 15 seconds. At the same time, it is suitable for reanimating filling moulding mixtures. Other possible uses: flocculation load in wastewater treatment, buffer to increase soil impermeability, moisture and nutrient retainance in soil, powder extinguishing agent, agricultural waste thickener and sludge, plasticizing additive of mortars, plaster and ceramic materials.

Activated bentonite is produced from selectively mined raw materials, homogenized, gently dried and ground. Sodium carbonate is added to the naturally moist load bentonite in the rot machines. Activated bentonite is suitable for the preparation of model and uniform moulding mixtures for all kinds of alloys, as well as for example: plasticizing additive of mortars, concretes and ceramics, anti-neck additive for fertilizers, thickener of agricultural waste, buffer to increase soil impermeability.

In conclusion, it is important to mention that bentonite can be stored indefinitely if stored in a dry environment.