Comfortable and safe indoor air - what is it?

In our communication, the concept of comfortable and safe indoor air regularly appears. However, we are quite often faced with the question of what to imagine under these terms and with what specific technologies or products to connect them.

If you are going to build or reconstruct your housing, for example, you will not be surprised by questions about the method of heating, cooling, questions about the heat pump, recuperation or the use of photovoltaics, etc. during planning with suppliers. The choice of these technologies, of which we mention only a few, has a great influence on how comfortable you will feel in your home. You usually won't recognize it a few days after moving in or completing the reconstruction. When you eventually find out in which corner of the household it drags, you will be disappointed with how much dust accumulates on the furniture in a week, and in the worst case, you will be frightened by places with damp walls, which over time can turn into mold. And one day, the amount on your annual energy bill will definitely not add to your good mood.

However, it may also be the case that you will enjoy going home from work, where the air conditioning is uncomfortably dragging on you all summer and you are still warm in winter. When someone asks you why, the first argument you don't think of is exhausting work and a demanding boss, but just the feeling that you are actually comfortable at home. You will realize that you are simply breathing well, that even if your relative gets sick with the virus, you did not catch it from him this time either, that you have not wiped the dust for a few weeks, but he is actually almost none. That the pollen allergy that bothers you outside will stop at home after some time. And although there is already several tropical nights with temperatures above 25 degrees, you have had a great night's sleep. On top of all this, as the icing on the cake, you will be pleasantly surprised by the amount of energy bill.

The good news is that you can significantly influence what the air will be like in your home. And we are here to transform your wishes and needs in this area into a concrete proposal and make it realized.