Our latest innovations in the energy revolution. The new air heat pump...

Introducing the ecoAIR air/water outdoor compact heat pump with a controllable output of 3-12 kW.

EcoAIR is assembled from the highest quality components

1. Surface with high anti-corrosion protection.
2. Compressor Copeland Scroll + EVI + Iverter
3. High quality Alfa Laval heat exchangers
4. High efficiency Grunfos circulation pump
5. Carel expansion valve
6. Ziehl-Abegg fan
7. Four-way reversing valve
8. Filter


Why is the EcoAIR heat pump unique?

Thanks to EVI technology, the compressor is able to work at much lower outdoor temperatures.
EcoAIR solves the problem of conventional heat pumps that are not able to heat water to the desired temperature during the winter months.