Changes and biggest errors in applications for boiler subsidies?

Do not leave the boiler replacement at the last minute. You should replace your old boiler by September 2020. The second wave of boiler subsidies in many regions in the Czech Republic is extended! We've made some basic mistakes that you should avoid.

Changes from the first wave?

In all regions except vysočina, it will be possible to submit an application using an electronic form and then deliver the entire documentation back. So you should avoid endless rows, as was the case with the first wave. There is also no need to implement so-called microenergic measures, e.g. partial replacement of windows or insulation of the roof.

The money is reimbursed retroa back

First you have to arrange a boiler replacement and only then ask for payment of the money, certainly not the other way around. The officials will send you home, and you'll needlessly stand up to the hourly lines.

Inconclusive photo documentation of the original boiler

The existence of the boiler must be documented by the applicants in a fully connected state. If you have already disposed of the boiler, this may be a problem in the subsequent reimbursement of the money. So be sure to document all this thoroughly to avoid inconvenience.

Failure to comply with project information

Another common problem may be, for example, installing a different boiler than indicated in the project. So try to really follow everything as stated in the project. The subsidy inspectors are relentless and you do not have to reach the subsidy at all.


The huge problem with filling out applications is associated with administration, but fortunately the errors in the documentation are solvable and it is in the interest of the regions to help you with any completion. Alternatively, please contact us.

Forget coal boilers

Contrary to previous challenges, it is no longer possible to obtain a subsidy for a new coal boiler. However, the obligation remained to purchase a boiler combining the combustion of coal and biomass, in which coal is burned. Environmentalists criticize the support of these boilers and recommend support for these boilers in the next call to consider. At Geocore, we design gentle maintenance-free heat pumps, the offer of which can be viewed in the Products section.

Installation of ecogeo heat pump with integrated storage vessel.

More information about heat pumps

Difference from New Green Savings

Replacing the boiler may no longer be associated with energy saving measures for buildings in the current call. Therefore, you no longer have to replace doors and windows to increase the energy savings of these buildings.

Watch out for sanctions!

The Air Protection Act implies a penalty, which often motivates owners of old boilers to replace them. Inspectors can impose a fine of up to CZK 20,000 for leaking suspicious smoke. Therefore, be sure to take advantage of the possibility of subsidies and contact us with any questions. We will be happy to suggest a gentle solution and advice.

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